About Maharishi Vidya Mandir School, kolkata

The sole objective of Maharishi Vidya Mandir School is to provide the children with comprehensive education aiming at their intellectual, physical, cultural, social ,spiritual development and growth. The school provides quality education within a happy and caring environment where children are stimulated to apply themselves eagerly to learning and to the improvement of their creative skills. Intensive academic education with the help of innumerable teaching aids and Audio – Visual facilities are supplemented with various activities and programmers meant to ensure not only an optimum intellectual growth but also to inculcate in the tender heart of your ones noble through and sub line aspirations. Our system of education enables the students to face the competitive world. Once your child gets into this school, he/she actually enters in an environment most conducive to the flowering of all his /her capacities and talents. Our students are taught the ideals of oneness of mankind, peace and unity, and are made to fell a part of the family of humanity. It is our fervent belief that rearing the present young generation in an atmosphere of world mindedness will go a long way to upgrade the character of our society in the years to come.


From Founder's Desk

Every one wants to complete the task in different way but we try to establish the task differently. By attending to the overall growth of a child instead of concentrating on book learning, the problem of society can be overcome to a certain degree. But our school is a school with a different – We are as concerned about a child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual .Not only academics, we emphasize the cultural and moral Value of the Students. International accepted method of teaching will be followed through Digital quit teacher training program. We train the parents of young children by offering them the scope of observing their children at school. Twenty years from now we will not be expected to remember all the dates and facts we learned in school but we will be called upon to read and absorb information rapidly, to speak intelligently and to write clearly and effectively. Education should make a child an independents learner who can succeed by his / her activities in school. Our school is dedicated to provide the best education and guidance to the students where the guiding sprit is personal care, and love and dedication. Lastly i would urge, all the children to learn and reach the set targets.